Dominic is running for County Commissioner because as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, he understands the need to lift up voices and build coalitions to address the issues we face today and tomorrow. In office, Dominic will use his experience from community advocacy and public service to bring stakeholders together to build real solutions to address affordable housing, economic development focused on sustainability, and strengthening the relationship between the City of Bloomington and Monroe County.


We need to address the housing crisis and relieve pressure from the City of Bloomington by working with prospective developers to create developments in the county that work for our community.

Economic Development

In the wake of the pandemic, we need to invest in economic development that is mindful of the climate emergency we face and benefits our community.

Community Focus

In office, Dominic will be dedicated to building strong relationships with both elected officials and community stakeholders to ensure voices in our community are heard and to create good public policy.